Recommended Websites

Some of the excellent websites i have found whilst wondering the internet. I take no responsability for the content of other sites, nor the accuracy of information contained there in. But many of these sites i have found to be of help / entertainment.

Link / Site Description The BBC website is good for upto the minuet news, weather and the IPlayer. The Wikipedia project, is an free encyclopedia. Gotta love it. Yellow pages online, can be helpful to find companies, adverties you. It is a new idea (Ok, its been in development for ages), a knowledge engine. The Royal Family, well allright their website. (unfortunate about the .gov bit) For the latest dictates from our rulers. An online comunity to help with dyslexia.

Websites that ….. The Government ….. Fight Evil
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke, Here are some ways you can fight.

Link / Site Description Helpful if you want to get in touch with those who own our country. (A MySociety project) Trying to protect the fredom of the internet, from certain people. They try and help you get information out of a certain group. (A MySociety project) Another project to help keep certain groups inline. They try and help keep tabs on certain groups. (A MySociety project) Do I need to explain ? It is an American anti war website (I know, but at least some of them try). Devoted to trying to get to ….. worth a look. A collection of art work that can be freely used to opose certain groups. They campaign against certain groups destroying the internet. This is a bit less campaign for change and a bit more …. just do.

These are some shops that i use, or just browse.

Link / Site Description A shop for reasonably priced digital media, they may also sell other things. A shop for all sorts of useless stuff you can easily live without, but seem like briliant ideas. A shop for all sorts of useless stuff you can easily live without, but seem like briliant ideas. Ebay, if you dont know what ebay is then “welcome back to civilisation”. Outdoor activity supplies, tents, sleeping bags …. Army surplus, other outdoor persuits equipment. Uttings provide shooting accessories and addons. Army surplus, other outdoor persuits equipment.

Stuff to make you laugh.

Link / Site Description Good for complaining,for funny quotes and you get to laugh at other peoples problems. It has to be a joke. It is a joke. If this is not a joke, we have some serious problems. We do have some serious problems. Not exactly PC, but it is debatable if poloticians can read. To kill an infedel is not murder ….. what rubish.

Search Engines
” If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.” Isaac Asimov, learn something today.

Link / Site Description In my opinion one of the better ones. (Google also provide loads of other services) In my opinion one of the better ones. (Well it is ran by, ex-Google staff) If you cant say anything nice …. (Microsoft trying to hold another market) Ask Jeeves (UK) it can be of help, its aim is to answer questions not search. Dogpile (UK) is less of a search engine more a combination of search engines. Excite (UK) bettween the others listed i have not really used. Lycos (UK) is one of the older search engines. Yahoo (UK) Well it is now another front to Bing. (Yahoo have diversified) yebol is a search engine. Kosmix is more of an information retrival tool. Duck Duck Go, tries to search other engines/sources to improve relevancy. Ansearch (UK), is a small search engine.

” Describing the Internet as the Network of Networks is like calling the Space Shuttle a thing that flies. ” – John Lester.

Link / Site Description Get Safe Online, Alright it is not perfect, but it is good for learning the basics. The Internet Watch Fondation, can be helpful if you come accross something ….. disturbing. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are key to the growth and development of the internet. Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers, they basicly run the internet. The Internet Services Providers’ Association, if you are having a problem with your ISP. Nominet is the UK domain registry. The Internet Archirecture Board are essentially a advisory body to monitor infastructure. The Internet Engineering Task Force, assist in the development of the internet. The Internet Society, develop internet related standards and policys. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, is a devision of ICANN.

Companys and organisations in and around Nottingham, people that maybe of help.

Link / Site Description Can be helpful, you can find buisness, events ….. and the like based in Nottingham. Good if you are looking for used stuff or looking to sell used stuff. Nottingham City Council ….. website done by a company in Devon …… supporting local buisness. Can be helpful, you can find Job’s, homes, cars ….. and the like based in Nottingham. The website of a local cartoonist, Fred Higton AKA Frid. Nottingham University Hospital, The QMC Nottingham. Drapers Air gun centre, provide air gun and related products.

Good causes ….. Organisations that deserve support
These are a load of charities, or good causes that are in need of money/time. I have not added any that hide behind religon.

Link / Site Description They help soldiers who seem to have been abandoned by ……. a certain group. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution, they help save lives at sea. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, what do you think they do ? MySQL is in some danger, give support if you can. The British Red Cross, they do loads of good. The East Midlands Ambulance Service, they do save lives. Down’s Syndrome Association, they try and help people with down’s syndrome. Help the Aged, they help elderly people. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, they help animals. The British Deaf Association, they help deaf people. The Royal National Institute for Deaf People, the shop is good for deaf relatives. A charity to help UK citizens deal with certain groups, they mainly run MySociety website. They do the things the UK gouverment should have done a long time ago. They run the Wikipedia project, they do lots of other good work to. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The British Dyslexia Association, is a national charity to help Dyslexics. Dyslexia Action, is a national charity to help Dyslexics and literacy difficulties. The Atheist Bus campaign, is trying to encourage people not to hide behind igaminary friends.. The British Humanist Association, People helping people, no need for imaginary friends here. The Out Campaign, encourages people to think rather than blindly follow. The Free Thinker, A magazine not sanctioned by imaginary friends. Atheist Action Central: United Kingdom, If you want to help fight blind faith. (No Violence) Creative Commons, they run the creative commons licence and community. The Open Source Initiative, they help support open source development. GNU run a operating system and a very popular licence for software. The Free Software Foundation, try to promote computer user freedom and free software.

Well there is that much of it I thought it should have its own section.

Link / Site Description The UK front to the Google database. The international front to the Google database. Google’s free email service (Gmail/Googlemail), a good email service for personal use. An image search, very helpfull if you want to find what something/someone else looks like. Fantastic service to help you find how to get somewhere, or where something is. A good free video hosting service, purchased by google a few years ago. Create a free Blog, can be good fun, purchsaed by google a few years ago. Create a free website, they make it very easy. Create and store document online, accessible through any web browser. Its like a good libary, no putting up with difficult staff, no late fees …..